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I am Renata, a teacher, eduScrum trainer & former Scrum Master. I inspire and support teachers in using innovative and creative ways of teaching, because I truly believe that education is our future and can make the world a better place.

I will help you to design an environment that will allow your students or team members to be more engaged and motivated. Does it sound interesting?

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Eduscrum Training
Eduscrum Training

eduScrum basic training

Interactive, activity-based course where you can gain knowledge about eduScrum framework and learn how you can apply it to your courses.

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Implementation consulting

Individual consultation to help you resolve issues related to implementation of Scrum or eduScrum. Dedicated for Teachers, Scrum Masters & Managers who already implemented frameworks.

Scrum consulting

Support for Scrum Masters who are struggling with challenges at their work. I will help you to analyse your issues & we will create the improvement plan.

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5 Common Scrum Myths

October 27, 2022 ⌛ 6 min

5 Common Scrum Myths

Is Agile the same as Scrum? Have you ever thought that Daily Scrum is the status meeting and Sprint Review means demo? These are some of the Scrum myths I debunk in this article. Check it out!

#scrum#scrum master#agile#daily scrum#sprint review
Secrets of Successful Scrum Master

October 11, 2022 ⌛ 6 min

Secrets of Successful Scrum Master

What does it mean to be a successful Scrum Master? What are the behaviours that can help you or stop you from serving others?

#scrum#scrum master#scrum roles
Scrum is not a magic wand

October 5, 2022 ⌛ 8 min

Scrum is not a magic wand

Are you wondering if Scrum is a good solution for you? I must warn you - Scrum is not a magic wand, it will not solve all your problems. But in this post I will show you how you can check if Scrum is for you.

#scrum#product development
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