Newsletter Regulations

Hello, this is Renata!

This document defines the Regulations of my Newsletter and it was created to help you find the basic information about the functioning of the Newsletter, i.e primary information about me, how you can join the Newsletter, what ate the requirements to become part of Let’s Scrum it community, what is the procedure for concluding and withdrawing from the contract and how you can make any complaints.

I provide this information to protect your rights and help you if required. If you have any questions, please contact me by email:

1. Introduction

You can subscribe to the newsletter on the internet platform available at run by Renata Blicharz running a business under the name Renata Blicharz – Let’s Scrum it located at the address: ul. Hieronima Wietora 5/7, 31-067 Kraków, Poland, entered into the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (In Polish „Centralna Ewidencja i Informacja o Działalności Gospodarczej) from: Sep 13, 2022, NIP: 7352812893, REGON: 367169499.

These Regulations apply to the transmission and sharing of all digital content and services within the Newsletter, which, as the Administrator, I provide to you via my Internet Platform available at, and then the program for sending the newsletter – Mailerlite.

If you have any questions or doubts, you can always contact me at:

2. Definitions

a) Personal Data Administrator (that’s me – Renata Blicharz) – the owner of the domain managing the Internet Platform, which is available at & and the person who will write to you the Newsletter.

b) Subscriber (i.e. you) – a natural person with full legal capacity, and in cases provided for by generally applicable regulations, also a natural person with limited legal capacity, a natural person running a sole proprietorship, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, who subscribes to the Newsletter; this means that the User using the content sent in my Newsletter may be the following entities:

  • Entrepreneur – a Newsletter Subscriber who is an entrepreneur within the meaning of art. 43(1) of the Act of 23 April 1964 – Civil Code, but at the same time she/he is not a natural person concluding a contract directly related to his business activity, when the content of this contract shows that it is not of a professional nature for him, resulting in particular from from the subject of its business activity, based on the provisions on the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity;
  • Consumer – Newsletter subscriber who is a consumer within the meaning of art. 22(1) of the Act of April 23, 1964 – Civil Code;
  • Entrepreneur with consumer rights – from 1 January 2021, some of the provisions regarding the Consumer will also apply to a natural person concluding a contract directly related to his business activity, when the content of this contract shows that it is not of a professional nature for him, resulting in particular from from the subject of its business activity, based on the provisions on the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity;

c) Internet Platform – the website under which I run my Internet Platform, operating in the domain or

d) Newsletter Regulations – these regulations of my Newsletter,

e) Newsletter – a service that I provide electronically, consisting in receiving messages from me regarding the most important information related to my activity (including information on the technical side of my business, information about new articles on my Blog, about my Products and services, about new functionalities of my Platform, about events organized by me, in particular about LIVEs, newsletter challenges, mini-webinars on the occasion of the premiere of new Products and services, educational campaigns conducted by me, as well as information about competitions, promotions and everything else, related to Let’s Scrum it community);

f) Newsletter subscription form – a form available on the Platform that allows you to subscribe to the Newsletter subscription,

g) Newsletter Subscription – the User’s declaration of will, constituting an offer to conclude an Agreement (Newsletter subscription) with the Administrator;

h) Agreement – an agreement concluded with the use of means of distance communication and concerning the delivery to you of:

  • services or digital content, which applies to information and elements sent during the subscription to the Newsletter

i) Agreement for entrusting the processing of personal data – an agreement or other legal instrument referred to in art. 28 sec. 3 of the GDPR, concluded between the personal data administrator and the processor, in which the personal data administrator entrusted the processor with the processing of personal data on its behalf; this agreement specifies the subject and duration of processing, the nature and purpose of processing, the type of personal data and the categories of data subjects, the obligations and rights of the Parties;

j) Complaint form – a document enabling the submission of a complaint

k) Digital content – data and elements produced and delivered in digital form

l) Digital service – means a service that allows the User to generate, process and store data or access them in digital form, or a service that allows for the joint use of data in digital form that has been sent or generated by the consumer or other users of this service, or other forms of interaction with such data.

3. Rules of using the Newsletter and technical conditions

  • If you want to subscribe to my Newsletter, remember that you are obliged to act in a manner consistent not only with applicable law, but also with the principles of social coexistence and good manners .
  • All your actions taken as part of subscribing to my Newsletter should also take into account respect for the rights of third parties – especially other Users.
  • Using the subscription to the Newsletter that I offer you can only take place on the terms setout in these Regulations.
  • My idea is to share with you all my knowledge on the practical side of using eduScrum & Scrum and to create a trusted Let’s Scrum it community. Therefore, your obligation when registering using the form is to provide true data, consistent with the facts.
  • You (as well as any other User or third party having access to my Newsletter) are obliged to refrain from copying, modifying, disseminating, transmitting or using in any other way any content and databases made available as part of the Newsletter, except for fair use .
  • To be able to properly use my Newsletter, you should meet the following technical requirements :
  • efficient device with a processor min. 200MHz, 64MB RAM,
  • graphics card supporting resolutions of 800×600 and 256 colors,
  • Internet connection (wired or wireless),
  • a web browser that allows you to open and view hypertext files (HTML) on a computer screen (or other electronic device): Internet Explorer (version >= 6.0), Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari,
  • standard office suite (e.g. Microsoft Office, Open Office, Libre Office),
  • standard viewer for files saved in .PDF format (e.g. Adobe Reader),
  • standard video player (e.g. Windows Media Player),
  • a keyboard or other pointing device enabling the correct completion of electronic forms,
  • an active and correctly configured e-mail account.
  • My Newsletter can also be read on web browsers not listed above , however, as the Administrator, I do not support and do not guarantee that in this case it will function as intended and without errors .

4. Terms of placing an order, or signing up to a Newsletter

  • The process of subscribing to the Newsletter is as follows:

a) select the subscription path with a specific Lead Magnet that interests you, and then fill in the Newsletter Subscription Form available on my Platform’s website:

  • at this point you will be asked to provide such data as: name and e-mail address,
  • it is also necessary to read these Newsletter Regulations and accept its provisions. Free provision of this service is possible only in this way
  • the entry, i.e. subscription to the Newsletter, means that you agree to send marketing and commercial information by means of electronic communication within the meaning of the Act on the provision of electronic services. By confirming the subscription to the newsletter, you consent to my use of telecommunications terminal equipment for direct marketing purposes, as well as the transfer of commercial information in this communication channel in accordance with the Telecommunications Law. The above consents are voluntary, but necessary to subscribe to the list of Subscribers and send the Newsletter. Lack of consent means that the Newsletter service cannot be provided. You can withdraw your consent at any time, which will result in the cessation of the Newsletter service.

b) upon successful completion of the Newsletter Subscription Form and confirmation by clicking the dedicated button, I send you a Double opt-in message to confirm the willingness to conclude the contract and to confirm the authenticity and correctness of your email address. In this message you will also receive information who is the Administrator of your personal data and to what extent they will be processed (more information can be found in the privacy policy).

When you confirm your willingness to subscribe to the Newsletter (and you do this by clicking the button in the double-opt in message), the Agreement between us is considered concluded, and you become part of the Let’s Scrum it Community. Your address will be added to the subscribers database.

  • Remember that as a subscriber of the Newsletter, you have the right to use the subscribed content only for your own use , in accordance with applicable law. This means that it is prohibited:
  • sharing subscribed content with any other people,
  • resale or distribution and commercial sale.
  • The license I grant you also does not include the right to:
  • permanent or temporary reproduction of subscribed content in whole or in part, for purposes other than creating copies for personal use,
  • make any modifications to part or all of the content,
  • both paid and free distribution of the subscribed content, in any way, in any form and by any means.
  • You can unsubscribe from the Newsletter at any time and without giving any reason. Resignation may be submitted:
  • in electronic form via an active link each time placed in the footer of each message sent as part of the Newsletter service marked as „Unsubscribe”
  • in electronic form to the e-mail address:;
  • Using the link to unsubscribe from the Newsletter or sending correspondence via e-mail with a request to unsubscribe from the service will result in termination of the contract for the provision of the Newsletter subscription service within a maximum of 7 business days.

I reserve the right to stop providing the Newsletter subscription service at any time if there are violations of the provisions of these Regulations.

5. Conditions for placing an order, i.e. subscribe to a Newsletter in return for the price

  • If you do not want to conclude a contract for the supply of digital content, under which payment is made with data (name and e-mail address), you have the option of concluding a contract for the supply of Materials, under which you will be obliged to pay the price.

  • It is possible to purchase Materials in exchange for a price by placing an Order by e-mail at:

  • In order to place an Order, you must provide me with personal data necessary to complete the Order, i.e.: 1) name, 2) surname, 3) street, 4) zip code, 5) city, 6) e-mail address, and in the case of an entrepreneur or entrepreneur to which the provisions of the Act on Consumer Rights apply, additionally: 7) business name and NIP number. The order will be entered into the ICT system.

  • In response to the placed Order, I will send you the sales regulations, issue an invoice or bill to be paid or provide a dedicated interface to finalize the Order (payment link generated via a quick payment provider or paypal).

  • After paying for the order, I will immediately send you the purchased materials.

6. Complaints regarding subscription to a Newsletter

  • In any situation when you decide that I am not provinding the Newsletter in a proper manner, in accordance with my obligations, you can file a complaint . Just inform me of any shortcomings you have found, and I will respond to your report after reviewing it.

  • You can send the complaint notification referred to above to me:

  • by post to the address: Renata Blicharz – Let’s Scrum it , ul. Hieronima Wietora 5/7, 31-067 Kraków, Poland.
  • or by e-mail via e-mail sent to the following address:
  • It will be great if you provide the following information in the content of such a notification (providing them will definitely make it easier for me to familiarize myself with your case and carry out the entire complaint procedure):
  • Your data (name and email address),
  • description of the reservations you raise (e.g. problems with reading the Newsletter)
  • the proposed way of settling the matter, i.e. your demands
  • If you omit any of the above information – don’t worry. Before considering your complaint, I will ask you to supplement the deficiencies in the indicated scope , under pain of leaving the complaint without consideration.

  • I undertake to respond to each complaint within 14 days. Replies will be sent only to the indicated e-mail address, unless you express your desire to receive a reply in a traditional way, by post.

  • If I do not respond to your complaint within 14 days – your complaint is considered justified .

  • If you want to find out more about your consumer rights , you can find them on the website of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection at:

7. Personal Data and Cookies

  • I process your personal data on the terms set out in the Privacy Policy of my Internet Platform.

  • The rules for the use of cookies and other technologies can be found in the Privacy & Cookies Policy

8. Final Provisions

  • I reserve the right to introduce restrictions on the use of the Newsletter subscription available at, caused by technical service, maintenance work or work on improving its functionality . At the same time, I undertake to make every effort to ensure that these breaks take place at night and last as short as possible.

  • In order to be able to adjust the subscription of the Newsletter to your needs, I also reserve the right to make changes to the Newsletter Regulations for important reasons, in particular:

a) if such a necessity was caused by a change in generally applicable law , delivery – the extent to which these changes affect the implementation of the provisions of these Newsletter Regulations, b) when I would change the technology that I use to provide the Newsletter subscription service.

  • Of course, I will inform you about any changes in advance by placing on the main page of my Platform information about the changes to the Newsletter Regulations along with a list of changes to individual provisions or – if you have become a subscriber of my Newsletter – sending you an appropriate e-mail informing about the introduced changes and their scope. In this case, if you do not accept the new content of the Newsletter Regulations – inform me about it within 7 days from the date of receipt of the e-mail from me or simply unsubscribe.

  • At the same time, I reserve the right to introduce aesthetic and organizational changes to the Newsletter Regulations, eliminating obvious typographical errors, consisting in unifying or specifying the provisions of these Newsletter Regulations, which do not constitute a change to the terms and conditions of the Sales Agreement, the Agreement for the provision of digital content or the Agreement for the provision of electronic services.

  • Don’t worry, remember that any changes made to the Regulations are not intended to infringe the rights acquired by you – as a Subscriber – before the introduction of these changes.

  • I hope that in the course of our cooperation and the whole acquaintance, we will not experience any contentious situations. Nevertheless, should such a circumstance occur – any disputes arising between Us will be resolved amicably or in the presence of an independent and impartial mediator . You can also always ask the Permanent Consumer Arbitration Court to settle the dispute , or submit an application to the appropriate Provincial Inspectorate of Trade Inspection .

  • More information in this field of out-of-court dispute resolution (ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution) along with contact details and a list of consumer courts of arbitration can be found on the website of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection :,

If you need more detailed information on the rules of access to out-of-court dispute resolution procedures, they are available primarily at the offices and on the websites of poviat (municipal) consumer ombudsmen, social organizations whose statutory tasks include consumer protection, voivodship inspectorates of trade inspection, and also at the following addresses:,,

As a User, you can also submit your complaint, e.g. via the EU online platform conducting out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes reported to it by the Member States of the European Union on the ODR (ODR – Online Dispute Resolution) platform , which is available at:

  • If you are a Consumer or Entrepreneurs with consumer rights , then if it is not possible to resolve the dispute amicably , including through mediation, the jurisdiction of the Court will be determined in accordance with the provisions generally applicable in the Republic of Poland.

  • If you are Entrepreneurs , then if it is not possible to resolve the dispute amicably , including through mediation, the court competent to resolve disputes between us will be the court competent for the seat of the Administrator .

  • The following documents constitute an integral part of these Newsletter Regulations :

Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy ,

  • In matters not covered by these Regulations, the relevant provisions of Polish law shall apply, in particular the provisions of the Act of April 23, 1964 – Civil Code (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 1740), the Act of July 18, 2002. on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 344), the Act of May 30, 2014 on consumer rights (Journal of Laws of 2020, item 287), the Act of May 10, 2018 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1781), the Act of February 4, 1994 on copyright and related rights (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1231, of 2020, item 288) and other relevant ones.

  • The Regulations apply from January 1 , 2023 .

Date of last update: 01/06/2023